• Welcome Parents!

    Since September of 2007, I have had the pleasure and pride of working with your children and witnessing the marvelous academic and personal growth that they have made during the last two years, and it will be a privilege for me to guide them through their final and graduating year at Joseph Pulitzer.
    Intermediate School.

    I shall continue to work very hard this year to provide your child with the instruction, skills and techniques necessary to produce successful results on this year's New York State English/Language Arts Exam, but continuing progress and success must be a 50/50 share responsibility. Thus, I am counting on you, the parent, to cooperate with me by providing your child with the materials and supplies that I request, by ensuring that s/he complete all assignments and by supporting my efforts to maintain a well-disciplined classroom atmosphere conducive to safety and mindful instruction. Regular parent/teacher communication is very important, especially