• Welcome 6th Grade Students
    Physical Education
    at I.S. 145 with Mrs. Penn

    The GOAL of physical education  at I.S 145 is to give students the skills, knowledge and motivation to become physically active as part of a healthy lifestyle. Students should master movement forms, motor skills, and social skills and learn to enjoy physical activity. Participation in middle school PE promotes challenges and social interaction.
     School Carnival
    I.S 145 Physical Education Department
    Mr. Savin, Mrs. Penn, Mr. Wisnewski, Ms. Torre
    Units to be covered:

    b ball group
    Spring Basketball in the yard   / Group Team Work and Sportsmanship

    hula dance

    Learn how to use a Hula Hoop and Dance the Cotton Eye Joe plus many more!!


    Do your BEST, Try your Hardest 

      "I can accept failure, everyone fails at something at times. But I can't accept not trying."