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    Math & Business Academy Action Plan


    School Year 2012 - 2013              Mrs. Sloane E. Titus, Academy Director


    Academy Goal:   Using student data, teachers will plan and administer rigorous lessons as
                                 per the CCLS (Common Core Learning Standards) to differentiate
                                 instruction and meet the academic needs of every student.



    A.)     Full implementation of the CCLS across all disciplines to promote literacy (our     
               schoolwide focus) and academic rigor.
    B.)     Developing the various components of the workshop model.  Revisiting classroom
              rituals & routines, student engagement and accountable talk, as per the CCLS.
    C.)     Using Data to assess, plan and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of
               every child.
     Strategies Used:

    Department          Strategy

    Mathematics         CCLS Alignment, Scantron Assessments, Literacy  development in
                                   math, Backward Design. Professional Development witn Math Coach
                                   and/or Lead Teacher.
      ELA                     CCLS Alignment, Grade Level Study, Core Assessment including                                    Scantron Performance, Study Group w/Literacy Coach and Lead   
    Science                  CCLS Alignment, use of Technology, Literacy Development, Project 
                                   Based Instruction

    Social Studies        CCLS Alignment, Differentiated Instruction, Literacy Development,

                                   Curriculum Mapping


    Teacher Indicators of Success:

    ¡P        Student assessment (Are your students learning?)

    ¡P        Teacher TAN

    ¡P        Classroom visits and observations (Feedback to teachers)

    ¡P        Teachers sharing best practices Student/Teacher Conferencing

    ¡P        Student/Teacher Conferencing

    ¡P        Teacher Inter-visitations

    ¡P        Teacher¡¦s Reflective Journals



    Student Indicators of Success:


    ¡P        Student Portfolios

    ¡P        Student SAN, reflective journals, portfolios

    ¡P        Peer assessment and feedback

    ¡P        State Assessment Results

    ¡P        Core Testing, midterm and classroom examinations

    ¡P        Student engagement, accountable talk, oral presentations

    ¡P        DRA Results



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