The Mathematics program emphasizes the development of skills, concepts and applications for all students.  Students are encouraged to work in small groups and develop inquiry-based thinking as they begin to understand that there are multiple ways to solve problems.  The Impact Math Program is used in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. There are also a variety of Extended Day Math programs for all students. 

    Ms. Murano           8th Grade Math , 12:1:1
    Mrs. Mingos            7th Grade Math - 12:1:1
    Mrs. Dimopoulos     6th\7th Grade Math
    Mr. O'Neill             7th Grade Math (Lead Teacher)
    Mr. Reinoso            8th Grade Math
    Mrs. Santoro            6th\8th Grade Math
    Mrs. Weinstein        6th Grade Math




    The Science program focuses on teaching students to develop their science inquiry skills through hands-on research, investigations, and problem solving.  Science instruction emphasizes skills necessary to prepare students for Tomorrow's World and professional opportunities in science careers.  The Glencoe Program is used in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. 
    Mr. Casabianca      8th Grade Science
    Mrs. Latif            7th Grade Science
    Mr. Vath                 6th Grade Science



    The Social Studies program focuses on literacy, comprehension, The Five Themes of Geography and map skills.  The curriculum is enriched with CAI resources and a list of books that are related to each unit.  All classes are given the opportunity to utilize technology in the school media center, and many are involved in grade based technology projects.

    Ms. Natole            6th Grade Social Studies
    Mr. Dussel            7th Grade Social Studies
    Mr. Gordon           8th Grade Social Studies


    The Literacy Program is aligned to the NYC and NYS standards.  The whole language, literature-based curriculum incorporates decoding, comprehension and study skills.  Our enriched curriculum includes the appreciation of literature, thinking skills, creativity and problem-solving in all instructional areas.  Reading-Writing connections are developed by providing students with enrichment activities. The literacy program encourages optimal support for nurturing the potential of all students. 
    Ms. Antonopoulos              6th Grade ELA
    Ms. Beauchamp                  6th\7th Grade ELA
    Mr. Opedal                           8th Grade ELA
    Ms. Rivera                           6th Grade ELA - 12:1:1
    Mr. Sebbesse                       8th Grade ELA - ICT 
    Mr. Simms                           7th\8th Grade ELA - ICT, 12:1:1
    Mr. Sinacore                         8th Grade ELA




    The Foreign Language Program offers our students an opportunity to learn how to speak, read, and write in Spanish.  In this program, students are fully immersed in the language they are studying, which also includes learning about the historical, geographical, and cultural aspects of the language.  Inter-disciplinary approaches are used in FL instruction.

    Mr. Matos             6th/7th/8th Grade Spanish



    Classes are programmed to use the computer labs where technology instruction is provided by specially trained computer teachers. The programs available assist teachers and students in achieving educational goals.  The Appleworks program, includes word processing and spreadsheets.  The Hyperstudio program, allows students and teachers to use a variety of techniques to manipulate software in the production of reports and multimedia presentations.  
    Mr. Balaguer         6th\7th\\8th Grade  Computers
    Mr. Mannino        6th\7th\8th Grade Computers
    Mr. Mateo            7th Grade Achieve 3000


    Students are offered a general Art Program.  Lessons follow the America's Choice Model of Instruction.  Club activities, as well as one to one tutorials provide students the opportunity to prepare art portfolios for specialized high schools.  Their projects are predominantly displayed throughout the building to help beautify the school.
    Mr. Asin              6th\7th\8th Grade Art
    Ms. Roland          6th\7th\8th Grade Art




    Students are offered a general music program, which include band and chorus programs.  Students are selected in the 6th grade bases on talent, interest, and ability.  Students perform in the Spring and Winter Concerts, graduation, and other school and community events.
    Mr. Zarifis             6th/7th/8th Grade Band
    Mr. Galaher           7th\8th Grade Percussion Ensemble
    Ms. Vuksinich       6th/7th/8th Grade Chorus




    Students receive two periods a week in age appropriate basic sport fundamentals, stretching, and fitness.  Emphasis is placed upon the importance of self-determination and social-emotional health.  There are opportunities for after school sports activities throughout the academic year.
    Ms. Penn               6th grade P.E.
    Mr. Savin              7th grade  P.E.

    Mr. Wisnewski     8th grade P.E.



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