• Science and Technology Action Plan


    School Year 2013/2014                                  Mrs. Beatrice Johnson – Academy Director



    Goal:  Teachers will use multiple sources of assessment (such as the DRA, ARIS, State Exams, essays, projects, portfolios, Acuity, midterm, and core exams) to track all students’ progress and plan appropriate lessons that impact individual students’ needs.



                a)  Teachers will collaborate to share best practices in areas of differentiated instruction and standards – based instruction.

                b)  Use data to inform, monitor, and improve student achievement

                c)  To begin our class inter-visitation…the Academy teachers will select Peer Coaching Partners to share professional practice and grow in teaching practices (teachers will start visiting each other).  Teacher peer groups will develop departmental goals that they will strive to meet through shared conferencing and inter-visitations.


    Strategy:  To create departmental peer coaching teams that will collaboratively problem solve, share best practices,  and help one another to reflect and grow in their own teaching skills.





    Instructional Focus


    Share differentiation strategies


    Provide departmental continuity regarding scaffolding to impact student progress so that they reach performance standards.


    To increase the use of hands on activities in the classroom to extend student understanding and foster retention.

    Social Studies

    To impact student understanding and achievement through the use of document based questions, and project based activities, that meet individual student needs.


    To promote the infusion of technology in all curriculum areas as an instructional tool for further differentiation and student engagement.














    Teachers’ Indicators of Success:  (Interval of Periodic Review, Instrument(s)/ Projected Gains:

    • Classroom visits and observations
    • Teachers’ feedback checklists
    • Teachers sharing best practices
    • Further initiate common departmental goals
    • Teacher awareness and responsiveness to student’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Classroom climate
    • Parent, Teacher, and Student Connection


    Students’ Indicators of Success:

    • Core test results
    • DRA scores
    • TAN (Conferencing Results)
    • Students’ surveys, journals, portfolios
    • Mid-term scores
    • Self assessment
    • Oral Presentation (debates, speeches……)
    • State Assessments’ Results
    • Interdisciplinary Portfolio
    • Culminating End Term Projects































    Johnson/Science and Technology Action Plan

Last Modified on October 3, 2013