• What makes the Science & Technology Academy unique?

    We provide academic and social enrichment in the following areas:
    Urban Advantage Partnership
    Opportunity for all science teachers to work with 8 science institutions, (American Museum of Natural History, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The Bronx Zoo, The New York Aquarium, The New York Botanical Garden, New York Hall of Science, The Staten Island Zoo, and The Queen’s Botanical Garden) to help their students create investigations and complete their yearly science projects.

    Infusion of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model through our,
    Drama Club
    Students are being introduced to the basics of Theater.

    Academy Newsletter
    The Science & Technology Newsletter will produce an Academy Newsletter relevant to their interests.
    Art Program
    The Jackson Heights Culture Club is promoting tolerance and respect by learning about the various diverse cultures in Jackson Heights.
    Young Scientists Club
    The Young Scientists Club is involved in producing special projects and activities to promote a deeper understanding of science in the world.
    “Growing Our Future”
    Science Grant – Students and science teachers are producing a garden to enhance our school grounds and community.

    Academy Positive Pledge

    I am somebody.

    I am capable and loveable.

    I am teachable.

    Therefore, I can learn.

    I can do anything when I try.

    I respect others and myself.

    I’ll be the best that I can be each day.

    I will not waste time,

    Because it is too valuable,

    And I am too precious

    And bright.

    I am somebody.

Last Modified on October 18, 2012