•         How can I help my child succeed?

    You are the single most important factor in your child"s academic performance. If your child must be a super performer in school, then you must take an active role in his/her academic progress.

    For every minute you invest in actively participating in your child"s academic work at home, you boost his/her chances of attaining higher grades and success in life!

    1)      Help your child establish an after-school routine that he/she can stick to.

    2)      Provide a quite place of study with necessary furniture.

    3)      Practice reading skills with your child. Read, and then listen to your child read.

    4)      Talk to your child each day about homework and assignments; go through his/her work; see if it"s complete; ask questions about it. But don"t do your child"s homework for him/her.

    5)      Set academic goals that are appropriate for your child"s age and maturity.

    6)      Discuss the value of a good education with your child.

    7)      Set limits on his/her TV watching and be firm about bed time.

    8)      Teach by example that achievement comes from self-discipline and hard work.

    9)      Inform your friends and family about your child"s academic success. This boosts his/her self image and motivates him/her to work harder.

    10)  Maintain a warm and supportive home.

             "The best thing to spend on your children, is your time."

                                                               Louise Hart

    Student’s Responsibilities Include:

    ·      To arrive to school on time

    ·      To wear a neat, clean uniform

    ·      To have homework completed

    ·      To be prepared for quizzes, exams, and oral presentations

    ·      To be seated with books open and ready to work

    ·      To do my best every day

    ·      To raise my hand and be recognized before making a contribution in class

    ·      To obey the code of conduct

    ·      To be proud and make my family proud

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Last Modified on October 18, 2012