The Law and Humanities Language Arts Teachers work diligently to align lesson plans to both the NYS Standards, and the individualized needs of each student in their classroom. Through constant conferencing, formal and informal observations, student surveys, NYS test results, homework, and class work, teachers differentiate lesson plans to accommodate different learning styles, and different individualized needs. Lessons are designed using both the workshop model, and the balanced literacy approach. We believe that as teachers our role in the classroom is to turn our students into independent learners, by allowing them to work in teams, solve problems, make connections, and ask questions.

                Mr. Niederman      6th Grade ELA                                    Mr. Lynch      6th/7th Grade ELA

                Ms. Pollack        7th/8th Grade ELA                                   Ms. Roy         8th Grade ELA

                Ms. Stevenson    7th/8th Grade ELA



    Mr. Schirling  6th Grade Math                                     Ms. Singh                 6th/7th Grade Math

    Mr. Halvax       7th/ 8th Grade Math                             Mr. Weintraub         7th Grade Math

    Ms. Swensson     8th Grade Math


    Mrs. Lovera        6th Grade Science                                  Ms. Feldman        7th Grade Science

    Ms. Lavvas         8th Grade Science



    Mrs. A. Halvax       6th Grade Social Studies                     Mr. Chesler       7th Grade Social Studies

    Mr. Miller              8th Grade Social Studies



    Mr. Asin           6th/7th Grade Art                                         Mrs. Roland       7th/8th Grade Art     



    It is the goal of the Music Department to foster a love of and appreciation for music not just as a creative outlet, but also for the role it plays in nurturing various skills essential for success in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  Students are selected in the 6th grade to participate in either band or chorus based on talent, interest, and ability.  Throughout their three years in the program, students learn the basics of reading music, the role of music throughout the course of history, how to speak and write about the various genres of music they encounter, and how to perform before a live audience.  Students are then given the opportunity to apply the skills they learn by performing in the Winter and Spring Concerts, graduation, and many other school and community events.

                Ms. Minckler     6th/7th/8th Grade Chorus                          Mr. Zarifis       6th/7th/8th Grade Band



    Mr. Balaguer        6th/7th/8th Grade Computers



    Ms. Apostolo      6th Grade P.E.                                           Mr. Savin                  7th Grade P.E.

    Mr. Wisnewski    8th Grade P.E.                                           Ms. Torre                P.E. Assist



    Mrs. Lovera         6th Grade Health                                  Ms. Apostolo           7th Grade Health



    The objective of the Special Education Department at the Joseph Pulitzer Intermediate School is to address the educational, social, and emotional needs of all students who have Individualized Education Plans (I.E.P.). Service providers who work with our special education students include Special Education Teachers, Speech and Language Therapists, Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Adaptive Physical Education Teachers. Specifically in the Law and Humanities Academy we have two educational programs in which our special education students learn; Collaborative Team Teaching (CTT) setting and Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS) setting. In both settings, the special education teacher works collaboratively with the main subject teachers to address the student’s educational needs. The primary goal of the Special Education Department is to have each student consistently work to the best of his/her ability.


          Mrs. Wiley       6th/7th/8th Grade Special Education              Mr. Freytes              6th/7th/8th Grade CTT

          Ms. Marcel       6th/7th Grade CTT                                     Ms. Carr            8th Grade
        Ms. Lopipero   6th                 Mr. Elenterio   6th          Ms. Berard   7th     Ms. Ryan  6th


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