• Here is a list of some of the Law faculty’s favorite hobbies and hidden talents.  Check it out!  You may be surprised at what you find.


    Ms. Apostolo -- Director of City Parks Foundation Tennis Program 


    Mr. Chesler --  Learning About Different Sports


    Ms. Feldman --  Softball, Volleyball, the Mets


    Mr. Greenberg --  Videotaping, Basketball, Football, Video Editing


    Ms. Lavvas --  Playing Basketball and Tennis


    Mrs. Lipetsker --  Interest in Film


    Mrs. Lovera --  Photography, Decorating, Arts & Crafts


    Ms. Marcel – Playing Lacrosse


    Mr. Miller --  Playing Basketball and Golf, Running Track


    Ms. Minckler --  Performing in Plays/Musicals


    Mrs. Munnelly --  Baking


    Mr. Nikc --  Backgammon, Chess, Canasta, Pinochle, Scrabble


    Ms. Pollak – Writing Songs and Poetry


    Mrs. Roland --  Working in Mixed Media, Fashion


    Mr. Savin --  Teach and Give Baseball Lessons


    Mr. Schirling --  Long Distance Running


    Ms. Singh --  Henna Artist


    Ms. Stevenson – Singing Karoake to Country Songs


    Ms. Swensson --  Softball, Baseball


    Mr. Weintraub --  Tournament Boardgaming


    Mrs. Wiley --  Cooking, Arts & Crafts




Last Modified on August 17, 2011