• International Academy Action Plan
    School Year 2012-2013                                         Mr. Ivan Rodriguez – Academy Director

    Goal: Teachers will improve and expand their teaching practices by working collaboratively to promote a variety of teaching methods aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards by sharing their best practices as they maintain and promote effective ESL, Bilingual and Dual Language instruction.



    a)     To monitor and validate the components of the workshop model to mirror the CCLS initiative.


    b)    To constantly promote academic rigor by using different based line data to form instruction.


    c)     To synthesize a variety of standard-based assessment tools to track students performance. 


    d)    To Develop a common understanding of differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all sub-groups by following professional learning community protocols.

    e) To negotiate and understanding that literacy supersedes content.


    Strategy: To create departmental teams whose classrooms will become labs for   teachers. The staff will have opportunities to observe demo lessons, interact in professional development activities, and document and apply effective teaching practices.



    Instructional Focus


    Infusing literacy thru the four modalities (L/S/R/W) 

    ELA / ESL

    Creating and monitoring listening tasks.


    Balancing literacy and content.

    Social Studies

    DOK Chart framework


    CCLS ELA alignment 


    Teachers’ Indicators of Success: (Interval of Periodic Review, Instrument (s) / Projected Gains

    ·        Classrooms visits and observations

    ·        Teachers’ feedback checklists

    ·        Teacher’s Reflective Journals

    ·        Study Group Participation

    ·        Teachers sharing best practices

    ·        Publication of Best Practices (Research-based teaching methods; data/student work/lessons; collaboration/networking)



    Students’ Indicator of Success:

    ·        Core test results

    ·        Ed performance (Scantron)

    ·        TAN (Conferencing Results)

    ·        Students’ surveys, journals, portfolios

    ·        Mid-term scores

    ·        Peer-assessment feedback

    ·        Oral Presentation (Debates, Speeches …)

    ·        State Assessments Results

    ·        Interdisciplinary Portfolio






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