• Joseph Pulitzer Intermediate School 145

    33-34 80th Street, Jackson Heights, N.Y. 11372

    Journalism and Media Arts Academy

    Mrs. Judith Rios, Assistant Principal

       I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the 6th graders and any other students new to our academy. Like all the academies in our school we have a dean, Ms. Servedio who has an office in room 148 and is the person you ask your teacher to see if you have a problem with other students either in our academy or in the school. We also have a guidance counselor in room 152, Ms. Frias who is the person you ask to see if you have problems at home. My office is in room 251 and you can come see me at any time with any concern, however you must remember that before you see any one of us you need permission and a pass from your teacher.

       One of the programs that makes Journalism and Media Studies different from other academies is Drama, taught by Ms. Andres. By the time you graduate everyone has had Drama, some students are lucky enough to have had it all 3 years. 

       Our school has a website:http://is145.schoolwires.net which you and your parents can access at any time. I have an e-mail address it is jrios@schools.nyc.gov and you and your parents can correspond with me that way. If your family does not have wi-fi access I can be reached at 718-457-1242 ext. 251.

       I hope you have a successful year and remember my door is always open to you.

Last Modified on October 1, 2015