• What makes the International Academy Unique?

    • We are the pioneers in having a 50-50 Spanish Dual Language Program  in grades 6, 7, and 8 in Middle School in Queens.
    • Interdisciplinary Portfolios are used to showcase students' performance as well as  benchmarks for Professional Development.
    • Teachers share their successful instructional practices at different conferences.
    • Our Inquiry Focus has allowed teachers to promote a culture of intervisitation and critical friend relationship.
    • We celebrate students' success by inviting their parents, peers, teachers and administrators to see their accomplishments.
    • Each department has access to their own mobile computer lab.
    • The staff represents 14 different countries.
    • Our enrichment program includes (Belly-Dancing, Guitar, Drums, Computers, Art, Chorus,  Italian and a chess Club).
    •  Students receive instructions by one of their regular assigned teachers when one of their teachers is absent. 
    • 8th Graders attend overnight trips.   



Last Modified on November 25, 2008