• k-12 videoconferencing

    Videoconferencing at IS145 is emerging as a powerful educational tool for the classroom. Students have the opportunity to connect with many additional resources and experts and to collaborate with other classrooms around the world without regard to geographical distances. Videoconferencing fulfils the need for real time communication, when interactive audio and video are important.

    What is videoconferencing? In the most general terms, videoconferencing allows 2 or more people at different locations to see and hear each other at the same time, It also allows for the sharing of computer files, objects and documents, and showing of VHS tapes and DVDs.

    The benefits for students participating in videoconferences are many. It has been shown that videoconferencing heightens student motivation, improves communication and presentation skills and increases depth and retention of learning. It also increases connection with the outside world and improves tolerance of diversity by linking students from various cultures and backgrounds.

    Videoconferencing in the classroom has a wide range of uses. Perhaps one of the most used applications of interactive videoconferencing is making connections with museums, cultural institutions and research centers. Over 2,000 programs are currently being offered. Many of these are standards-based and come with complete lesson plans of pre- and post-videoconferencing activities.

    Collaborative projects between schools maximize the effectiveness of videoconferencing and have played a major part in our videoconferencing program. Comparative studies, scientific research, cultural exchanges, team teaching and "student experts" are just some of the uses of classroom-to-classroom connections.

    Please explore the videoconferencing section of this website to learn more about some of the exciting projects and connections our students in Region 4 have been involved in through the exciting technology of videoconferencing.

Last Modified on November 26, 2008