Code of Behavior
    The purpose of all discipline is self-discipline. All the rules and regulations in the Chancellor's Regulation Blue Book are stated for this reason. Rules and regulations are placed in this book not just for purposes of punishment, but also for your growth as a person and member of society. Remember students, parents and faculty members contributed to this code. It is extremely important that you and your parents review the Blue Book. 
    The following items are strictly prohibited: alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, fireworks, weapons (real or fake), cell phones, video game systems, gang paraphernalia, and any and all other items that may represent a direct threat on the health, safety, or education of students, faculty or staff.
    Get on the Right Side
    When you make the choice to walk with dignity, your teacher, your principal, and your parents will admire you for it. But you are the one who is rewarded. When you choose not to drop garbage on the floor you are saying, "I am not a slob. I will contribute something to the society I live in." When you do your homework, you are saying, "I am productive. I will take responsibility for my own mental development and getting the knowledge that will make me a more capable person." When you treat your fellow students, parents and teachers with honesty, courtesy and generosity, you are saying,  "I have it in me to give something. I respect myself enough to care that people regard me as a person of high character."
    Remember this: Happiness and success come from self-respect. The world gives you what you are willing to give the world. Get on the right side! Do it here an start TODAY!